McLaren P1 appears at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! Toyo Tires booth exhibits at “Hybrid Car Fest” gathering of HV/EV custom cars.

McLaren P1 appears at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! Toyo Tires booth exhibits at “Hybrid Car Fest” gathering of HV/EV custom cars.

Feb. 17, 2016

McLaren P1 appears at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! Toyo Tires booth exhibits at “Hybrid Car Fest” gathering of HV/EV custom cars.


On Wednesday, January 27, “Hybrid Car Fest” was held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Sponsored by CarMe, a car lifestyle webzine, over 20 cutting-edge hybrids and EVs assembled at the venue. Despite it being a weekday over 3,000 enthusiasts came out for a rare glimpse at these unique cars! This is Wakimoto reporting on the event with the sounds of clicking cameras still echoing in my ears.



The Red Brick Warehouse at 8:30 in the bright morning sun, before the arrival of the cars. The beautiful sharp contrast of the orange brick buildings against the blue sky was worthy of a painting. My eye, along with my camera, was drawn to the splendor of a nearby luxury cruise ship floating in the bay. Even so, these scenes couldn’t compare to the allure of the cars as they entered the venue shortly thereafter!



Projecting a particularly powerful aura was the McLaren P1, proudly equipped with Toyo’s Proxes R888R tire. This hybrid supercar is a rare breed: worldwide production is limited to only 375 vehicles, all of which are sold out, and only a small handful have been imported to Japan. The body of the P1 is elegantly streamlined to minimize air resistance, and the car boasts a max speed of 350km/h. As the machine made its way down the Red Brick Warehouse its low exhaust notes reverberated and the car’s body reflected the brilliant sunlight. Such exquisite beauty!!



The graceful elegance of both the profile view with the open gull-wing doors and the rear view of the automatically raised rear wing were breathtaking.



Whether viewed from close up or at a distance, this machine just oozes cool. Supercars are indeed romantic!



While I was immersed in my shutter clicking, the remaining cars were lined up into position ready for the event to begin.



The McLaren P1 was soon surrounded by visitors with cameras in hand. The popularity of the car was evident as many admirers snapped photos from all angles.



Toyo Tires also exhibited an ’89 Mercedes Benz 560SL (R107), equipped with the TOYOi J18 tire. This tire is normally jet-black, but what do you think about the white ribbon painted on as a finishing touch to match the classic Benz?



Toyo mascot Wakkuma was also on hand. Visitors to the event included not only car enthusiasts but parents with their children, which kept Wakkuma busy mingling and frolicking with the crowd. In the upper right-hand picture, the normally rotund Wakkuma appears to be quite flat! Meanwhile, in event sponsor CarMe’s booth, a rival to Wakkuma appeared!



“Gorilla-kun” stirred up the venue’s excitement with rock-paper-scissors contests in which those who beat the character were awarded mini-cars. It would cool if Wakkuma could also play, but unfortunately his paw is only equipped to produce “rock.”



As darkness descended on the Red Brick Warehouse the open atmosphere of daytime took on a romantic mood. Food trucks were also on hand to serve up nourishing delicacies like hot soup and roasted sweet potatoes, which helped keep visitors flowing into the event right up until the 21:00 close time.



A special thank you to all who braved the cold to come to this event! The event’s happenings can also be seen on the CarMe website, so be sure to check it out.

[Report: Wakimoto]

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